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Selected Projects

Lee Boulevard / Southeast Collegiate

Winnipeg, Manitoba



The former site of Southeast Collegiate off of Lee Boulevard presents a 9.12 acre opportunity to add to a central intergenerational learning and knowledge sharing campus for several First Nation communities. R+W has led the initial concept plan and vision for the site which includes a student residence, apartments and an assisted living facility.


The development of this site involves many partners and stakeholders. Generating consensus on a development vision that is supportive of the needs of each partner is necessary for the success of this project. Guiding principles that will help us achieve this consensus are based on diverse housing choices, connections between walkways and gathering spaces, and efficient design to help finance higher quality outdoor spaces.


Development Approvals
Development Advisory
Facilitation + Engagement
Research + Advice


Black River First Nation

Olexa Developments

Resolve Group

Affinity Architects

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