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Our Team

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Our team is made up of results-driven professional entrepreneurs who are experts in their respective fields. We commit to every project with the same intention - no matter the scope, it is conducted with urgency and the utmost attention to detail. Each member of our core team runs their own respective urban planning firms - each with a different style and perspective. We are truly blessed to have them a part of our team for this reason! We support their vision and their path forward.

Greg Stevenson


Greg has over 20 years of experience in the construction and financial services industry. Greg's most recent endeavours in property development and construction have assisted me to understand the construction stages from preliminary to substantial completion of each project he has worked on.

Greg has worked along with the First Nations Communities to better understand their needs and process for finding a common ground for a successful development of structure or partnership. 


  • Management

  • Project Management

  • Construction Coordination

  • Sales & Customer Service

  • First Nations Economic Development Initiatives

  • Finance

  • Transport. Logistics

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