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McLean Avenue Development


M Richard & Associates has been retained to assist with the engagement process for a new development on McLean Ave in Selkirk MB. We are excited to present the vision for a new 5-storey, multi-family building. 

We invite you to spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the project details and to provide feedback or share your support for the project.

Site Overview

The properties are located on the north side of McLean Ave, between Eveline St. and Main St., and just south of Extra Foods and the mall. The land is situated on the edge of the downtown boundary and is designated for mixed use in the Selkirk Development Plan.

The 0.87-acre (38,017 sq. ft.) site is comprised of five (5) lots:

  • 223 McLean Avenue, an existing two-storey residential dwelling

  • 219 McLean Avenue, an existing one-and-a-half-storey residential dwelling

  • 215 McLean Avenue, vacant

  • unaddressed parcels, vacant

Downtown Boundary.jpg
Subject Site2.jpg

North: across a public access lane is 366 Main St., a one-storey commercial building (Extra Foods), Selkirk Plaza, and Selkirk Civic Centre


East: is a public parking lot, followed by 341 Eveline St. (Knox Presbyterian Church) which resides further east


South: across Mclean Ave is 202 Mclean Ave., a place of worship (United Church), and a residential area comprised of 1- and 2-storey single-family dwellings


West: is a place of worship (Christ Church) at 227 Mclean Ave. 

Surrounding Context

Why here?

The surrounding area offers an abundance of community amenities and retail options that serve the greater community and the city at large. The area is walkable and bikeable, in proximity to an array of retail and services to meet daily essential needs. It gives easy access to much of the entertainment and economic area of Selkirk and is very close to public green spaces and riverfront access.

Amenities Map1.jpg

Proximity to Amenities and Services

Proposed Development

The vision for the site is to consolidate all properties and to rezone to “R3” Zoning District to provide a new multi-family residential building. A five (5) story apartment building with 75 dwelling units (1 and 2- bedroom suites) will be constructed on the north side of McLean. Residential units are located on floors two to five. The interior parking is hidden behind the main floor walls with windows. Different facade materials are being used to break up the wall from an aesthetic perspective. Amenity spaces are located within the building and a top-floor patio will be available to residents.  


Front of building view looking northwest 


Front of building veiw looking northeast 


Rear of building view looking southwest 

New Residential Building


  • ​​Residential Units (floors 2 - 5)

    • ​57 two-bedroom units
    • 18 one-bedroom units units
    • Private balconies for units on floors two to four and the north side units on the fifth floor


  • Building height of approx. 58ft

Mixed-Use Building

  • ​Interior and exterior amenity space

  • Parking

    • 50 Interior parking spaces

    • 31 exterior parking spaces

    • Accessible parking
    • Indoor and outdoor bicycle parking stalls​

Proposed Site Plan

Site Plan.jpg

Building Elevation

The building has been designed to include a step back top floor on the south side of the building to reduce the scale to adjacent neighbours.

Elevation and Step Back.jpg

Shadow Study

A shadow evaluation was undertaken to assess the impact of the proposed development on the surrounding areas. In undertaking and evaluating potential shadows on the site and surrounding areas, the Spring Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstice were used in the assessment. The shadow study indicates that there will be little to no impact on the homes on the south side of McLean. 


Next Steps  

  • Review all feedback and make any necessary changes

  • A formal development application will be submitted to the City of Selkirk.

  • The submission of an application will include a public hearing. The date is yet to be determined.

  • Moving forward, there will be ongoing engagement with the community. 


Join us for a come-and-go Open House

Date: Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Location: Selkirk Hall, 376 Jemima St., Selkirk, MB.

Please take a moment to provide your thoughts below on the proposed development.


Please provide your contact information below if you would like us to contact you regarding the proposed development:

Thanks for submitting!

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