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Selected Projects

Municipality of Emerson-Franklin

Emerson-Franklin, Manitoba



M Richard & Associates Ltd. has been key in formalizing the Emerson-Franklin Community Development Corporation (CDC) to drive local economic development objectives. The CDC has been a champion for advancing a Port Authority and Trade Corridor concept, while finding innovative ways to build infrastructure capacity and attract sustainable growth to the Municipality.


The challenge to realizing economic development in rural communities is the process of finding solutions that are practical, meaningful and incremental to a larger vision and greater community benefit. Our approach is based on building stakeholder buy-in and nourishing lighter, quicker and cheaper strategies.



Facilitation + Engagement
Urban + Community Planning
Development Advisory

Research + Advice

Invest Emerson-Franklin



Emerson-Franklin CDC
McGowan Russell Group
Sandbox Design & Consulting
Strategic Systems Engineering

Steve Godkin Productions

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