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Our Team

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Our team is made up of results-driven professional entrepreneurs who are experts in their respective fields. We commit to every project with the same intention - no matter the scope, it is conducted with urgency and the utmost attention to detail. Each member of our core team runs their own respective urban planning firms - each with a different style and perspective. We are truly blessed to have them a part of our team for this reason! We support their vision and their path forward.

Corrine DiMaria


Junior Planner

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Corrine is a strong believer in human-centric, sustainable cities that offer people a better quality of life through smartly planned urban spaces. She has interest in urban design that helps bridges the gap between sustainable architecture to city planning to create urban areas that are safe, walkable, economical and resilient.

Corrine uses a variety of softwares such as AutoCad, Rhino 3D and others in conjunction with traditional hand drawing and drafting to conceptualize numerous amounts of strategies and designs to uniquely solve problems. She received her Bachelor of Environmental Design in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Manitoba.


  • Urban Design 

  • Sustainable Urban Development

  • Circular Economies

  • Placemaking

  • Transit Oriented Development


  • Bachelor of Environmental Design, University of Manitoba


  • Knowledge Hub Community

  • Women in Sustainability

  • Youth Green Jobs Network

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