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744 St. Mary's Road

3D FRONT - MAY 4-22.jpg

M Richard has been retained to lead the planning and engagement process for the redevelopment of the property at 744 St. Mary's. We are excited to present the vision for a new high-quality low-rise mixed-use building along the St. Mary's commercial corridor. 

We invite you to spend 5-10 minutes learning about the project below and leave a comment showing support, leave a question or provide feedback on the project.

Site Overview

744 St. Mary's Road is located on the northwest corner of St. Mary's Road and Glenlawn Avenue. The site has an existing one-and-a-half-storey structure used for commercial business purposes. 

The parallelogram-shaped site is +/-7,897 sq. ft. in size and is currently zoned “C1” Commercial Neighbourhood with vehicle access from the rear paved public lane. 


North: is 738 St. Mary’s Rd, a two-and-a-half-storey residential multi-family building

East: across St. Mary’s Rd, is a commercial strip-mall at 741 St. Mary’s Rd

South: across Glenlawn Ave, to the south, is a two-and-a-half-storey residential multi-family building at 750 St. Mary’s Rd 

West: across the rear lane, is a single-storey Single Family dwelling at 9 Glenlawn Ave.

744 StMary'sRoad2.jpg

Existing street view of 744 St. Mary's Road 

Surrounding Context

Proximity Map

Walk Score (

744 St. Mary's is located within the Elm Park neighbourhood of St. Vital along the regional corridor that connects to downtown and to Winnipeg's south end. The site is surrounded by an abundance of community amenities and an abundance of commercial and retail services. Two major national grocery stores are located within a 15-minute walk, or under a 5-minute commute using a bicycle, vehicle, or public transportation.  


The area is well served by Winnipeg Transit. St. Mary's Road is currently serviced by two transit routes - express route #54 and Downtown Route #14. Other nearby routes include # 16, #55, and #59 all within walking distance of the property. 

Why here?

The neighbourhood is a walkable community surrounded by easy-to-access services for daily needs making this a prime spot to add a mixed-use building of commercial and multi-family units.  

As the population grows we must meet the specific requirements for housing that need to be accommodated to meet social, economic, and community-building objectives. Infill development provides affordable options for incoming residents in well-established neighbourhoods 

Infill development provides strategic intensification on corridors with existing infrastructure. Corridors, such as St. Mary's, can accommodate taller buildings and higher densities closer to major roadways and transit stops. Mixed-use buildings can also provide opportunities for live-work.

Regulatory Framework

Complete Communities 2 cover.jpg

The site is identified within the “Established Neighbourhoods - Mature Communities” policy area under the Complete Communities Direction Strategy 2.0. The area is primarily residential in character while providing complimentary commercial, employment, educational and recreational uses. Established neighbourhoods are stable, but not static. The future success of these areas depends on the ability to adapt and change. They present an opportunity to facilitate residential development that positively contributes to neighbourhood character and revitalization, expanding housing options for residents in a manner that is sensitive and complementary to existing development, building more complete communities, and aligning with the City’s residential intensification target.

What is Complete Communities 2.0?


Complete Communities 2.0 is one of four direction strategies supporting the City’s long-range development plan (OurWinnipeg 2045). The strategy guides land use and development in Winnipeg.

Proposed Development

New Mixed-use Building

The proposed development is a three (3) storey low-rise mixed-use building with a small commercial unit on the main level and two floors of residential multi-family above. 

Concept features:

  • Building Height of approx. 35ft 

  • Vehicle access to the site is proposed to be via the rear public laneway.


  • Landscaping will comprise newly planted trees and shrubs will be located along St. Mary's Rd and Glenlawn Ave. 


  • ​Units

    • 10 suites (1- and 2-bedroom units)
    • Private balcony in each suite

    • Unit ranging in size from 622 to 788 sq. ft. ​​​​​

  • Parking Stalls 

    • 8 Regular space

    • 1 Small space

    • 1 Accessible space

    • 4 Outdoor bicycle parking stalls

*Details of the development are subject to change upon City and community feedback.

3D LEFT - MAY 4-22.jpg

Building view looking north from Glenlawn Avenue

3D BACK - MAY 4-22.jpg

Building view looking east from the public laneway

3D RIGH - MAY 4-22.jpg

Building view looking south from adjacent property

Proposed Site Plan

Proposed Site Plan

Next Steps

  • Review all feedback and make any necessary changes

  • A formal development application will be submitted to the City for rezoning the site from "C1" Commercial Neighbourhood to “C2” Commercial Community

  • This will include a public hearing. Date to be determined

  • Ongoing engagement with the community moving forward


We want to hear from you!

Please take a moment to provide your thoughts on the proposed building. 

If you would like us to respond to your questions or would like to discuss to project

with one of our team please provide your contact information below.  

Thank you for providing your feedback

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