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M Richard & Associates has been retained to lead the planning and engagement process for a development at 589 Stradbrook Ave. We are excited to present the vision for a new 3-storey, multi-family building.

We invite you to spend 5-10 minutes reviewing project details and to provide feedback or share your support for the project.


The site is located in the McMillan Neighbourhood, on the north side of Stradbrook Ave. The property is currently developed with a two-and-a-half storey residential unit with a basement that was built in 1905.


The lot is 7,375 square feet in size, with 49.4 feet of sewer and 49.51 feet of water frontage. The property is designated Mature Communities within Winnipeg's Complete Communities 2.0 Plan and within the Osborne Village Neighbourhood Plan.

589 - Stradbrooke - McMillan Neighbourhood Context Map

What is Complete Communities 2.0?

Our WInnipeg 2045 cover.png

Complete Communities 2.0 is one of four direction strategies supporting the City’s long-range development plan (OurWinnipeg 2045). The strategy guides land use and development in Winnipeg.

The site is classified as a Mature Neighbourhood, identified within the ‘Established Neighbourhoods' Policy Area under Complete Communities Direction Strategy 2.0. The area is primarily residential with some commercial, educational, and recreational uses.

Mature Neighbourhoods present an opportunity for intensification and development over time. This will contribute to area growth, stability and revitalization over the long-term and will expand housing options for young adults, families and older adults entering retirement.

Closer context map.jpg


North: Unit B, 120 Wilmot Place and a back lane

East: 583 Stradbrook Ave.; Colour Scheme Professional Painters (587 Stradbrook Ave.)

South: 592 Stradbrook Ave. and a multi-unit residential development

West: 595 Stradbrook Ave. and a single-family residential development

Why Here?

The area is walkable and bikeable, surrounded by an array of retail to meet daily essential needs. It is a prominent location in Osborne Village area, a popular destination for shopping, entertainment, dining and a common meeting place for many Winnipeggers. 


As the population grows, our community and regional corridors must adapt to meet the growing demand for housing and affordable living arrangements. Adding a multi-family residential development of this nature meets these objectives and enriches the surrounding area by providing housing and anchoring a population mass to support surrounding businesses.

Walk Score.png

Proximity to Services & Amenities

Nearby Amenities Map.jpg

1) Safeway

2) Shoppers Drug Mart

3) Starbucks


5) Kuma Sushi

6) Anytime Fitness

7) Delta 9 

8) Little Sister Coffee Maker

9) Leopold's Tavern

10) Kawaii Crepe

11) Pho Hoang

12) Prairie Donair

13) Mary Brown's Chicken

14) The Happy Cooker

15) Fire Hall

16) Toad in the Hole

17) Nuburger

18) Saikel

19) Thorwaldson's Care Centre

20) Fort Rouge Co-Op Day Centre

21) The Parish Church of St. Luke

22) Holy Rosary Church

23) Dante Alighieri Cultural Society

25) Serendipity Beauty Lounge

The vision for the site is to provide one (1) new building: a 3-storey multi-family apartment building that is pedestrian-oriented along Stradbrook Ave.


It will feature parking access from the rear public lane, have both 1 and 2-bedroom suites, exterior surface level parking for both vehicles and bicycles, and outdoor landscaping.

Residential Building:

  • Height: 3-storeys; under 35 ft

  • Residential Units are on levels 1-3

  • 4 one-bedroom units and 4 two-bedroom units

Site Plan Features:

  • Parking for the building will feature 6 exterior surface parking spaces, 1 of which is an accessibility parking spot. There is also 5 bicycle parking spots.

  • Vehicle access to the site is proposed to be accessed from the back lane on the northern side of the lot.

  • Landscaping and buffering will be done on the south and north sides of the property adjacent to Stradbrook Ave. and the back lane. The side property lines are proposed to have a solid fence  of 6 feet in height. 



Share Your Thoughts

We welcome feedback on how we can better shape this development. Click the link below to take our survey or scan the QR code to the right.

Engagement Survey 589 Stradbrook Ave.png
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